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Iran would not be missed: Cameron

2012 London Olympics logo resembles Zion

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron has told a reporter that the 2012 London Olympics would not miss Iran, if they want to boycott. Cameron’s comments follow an objection by Iranian Olympic Association that the logo chosen for the event is racist, and that it bears (an uncanny) resemblance to the word “Zion” – a biblical term for Israel.

Speaking to the London newspaper Jewish News, he said: “It’s completely paranoid. If the Iranians don’t want to come, don’t come – we won’t miss you. It would be a crazy reason for not coming. They can’t come if they’re going to behave like that.”

Check out our breakdown of the logo above and have your say in the comments.

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  1. Not being a bigot but I think this is plain stupid not to participate for such a silly reason.

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