Famous Logos


Famous Logos – Design and History of the World’s Famous Brands

Logos that endure and revolutionize the world

Logos, in different types and styles, have been an important emblem in mankind’s environment for ages. Anywhere you go today, you are bombarded with famous logos and brands. Logos on the internet, logos on the television, logos on the billboards and hoardings, logos on the groceries, logos on the apparel, and on and on. Famous company logos are perceived and employed as the cornerstone of branding and advertising campaigns of the corporations they represent. Companies like Adidas, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, Shell and McDonald’s have established themselves as business giants and the leading trademarks of the world by reinforcing an extremely successful branding effort with a solid logo design that has captured the entire world!

Anatomy of Famous Logos

A few elements that are crucial to famous logos, which make them readily recognizable to millions of people around the globe, are simplicity, distinctiveness and consistency. The simpler the logo is, the more effective and easily identifiable it will be. In a similar manner, all famous brands in the world essentially carry the same meaning to its entire audience. Consistency enhances the awareness of the public about the brand. The best strategy for enhancing the likeability of a logo has proven to be its visual distinctiveness, which could encompass name, characters, symbols and shapes. Famous Logos

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