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Yes logo Yes is a progressive rock group that was formed in London, United Kingdom in 1968 by two well-known musicians. Bassist Chris Squire who was originally a member of the music band “The Syn” and vocalist John Anderson joined forces to found Yes and became known for producing music packed with vibrant contrasts, tight harmonies and conceptual lyrics. Steve Howe (guitarist), Alan White (drummer), Benoit David (lead singer) and Oliver Wakeman (keyboardist) are the other band members. The band’s glory spans more than forty years, giving the world some awe-inspiring compositions such as “South Side of the Sky”, “Roundabout”, “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, “Heart of the Sunrise” and “Mood for a day”. “Fragile” is the most popular album composed by the band that was released in 1994. Millions of the copies of this album have been sold since then and it still remains one of the top selling albums in America. Yes is a highly influential rock band with a huge fan base and impressive commercial successes.


Roger Dean, an English graphics designer, is the man behind the creation of Yes logo. He has also designed the artwork of many other albums of the band. Shape of the Yes Logo: The shape of the logo is cunningly designed to look unique. The tide like shape attract immediate attention and forces the viewer to take notice of the continuity of the design. Color of the Yes Logo: The use of the colors in the logo is as eye catching as the shape itself. Two shades of blue flow seamlessly, embroidered by the red, yellow and black linings set apart the Yes logo from the other rock band logos. Font of the Yes Logo: Just as the rock band’s music, the creatively designed font of the Yes logo is very funky and classy.

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