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WWF Logo WWF stands for the World Wide Fund for Nature. It was founded in April 1961 as an international non-governmental organization to conserve, research and restore the natural environment. WWF is the world’s largest independent conservation organization with more than 5 million volunteers and supporters worldwide. The conservation NGO works in 90 countries and territories across the world, supporting around 15,000 different environmental and ecological projects. The nature charity draws 90% of its funding from voluntary donations made by businesses as well as private individuals. WWF is renowned and recognized by its famous Panda logo which was designed by Sir Peter Scott, a British conservationist and ornithologist, in 1961. It took off as WWF-UK, the first of the many national organizations within the WWF international network.


Shape and Color of the WWF Logo: The WWF Panda logo is an alluring image, which portrays the caring, credible and responsible image of the global environmental NGO. The appeal of the logo brings an inherent emotional feeling and switches the attention to the organization’s causes for a better planet. The WWF logo commands a great commercial value that reflects its appeal and core values. The organization’s logo actually got inspiration from Chi-Chi, a female giant panda at London Zoo. The simple Panda logo uses only black and white colors, therefore significantly minimizing printing costs. The following picture shows the complete history of logos WWF has adopted over the decades: WWF Logo Evoultion Logos History The earliest WWF logo was designed by its founder Sir Peter Scott, famous British naturalist and painter, in 1961. The original logo was, however, marginally simplified in 1978, and overhauled yet again in 1986. The current WWF logo was introduced in 2000 with a slight change in font.

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