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Wal-Mart Logo

Wal-Mart Logo Wal-Mart began its operations as a chain of superstores in 1962. Since its inception, the Wal-Mart logo underwent a unique transformation and conceited on many different ideas. Sam Walton, the founder, started the business with a very simple logo and did not go into the specifics of the font as well as its style. The Wal-Mart logo witnessed some changes from 1964 to 1981 and sported a hyphen with fonts giving the logo a less fanciful look. Noticeable change were made in 1968, when the motif underwent slight modifications. However, this Wal-Mart logo failed to win support and was never published on any of the annual reports. In 1992, the Wal-Mart logo embraced new changes. The star replaced the hyphen initially but later an asterisk substituted the star at the end of the logo. This is the same logo we see today. Today’s Wal-Mart is immensely popular among its customers.


The Wal-Mart corporate logo features an asterisk or flower, symbolizing the friendliness and outstanding quality of the brand. The simplicity of Wal-Mart logo design attracts the customers and is popular for its intriguing concept and design. Shape of the Wal-Mart Logo: The Wal-Mart logo stands for the ‘organic’ nature of its business and is a symbol of its environmental-friendly business. Moreover, the motif brings added charm to the Wal-Mart logo appearance. Colors of the Wal-Mart Logo: The careful branding of the Wal-Mart logo underlines the nature of the business as well as its commitment to quality and service to its customers. The use of simple colors like yellow and blue depicts the passion and the basic nature of the business. Fonts of the Wal-Mart Logo: The logo of Wal-Mart is written in a rounded, fashionable style and uses lower case letters. The font selection shows Walmart’s simplicity and clarity. The bold Wal-Mart font catches the attention of a viewer at first sight.

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