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Volvo Logo AB Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer of aerospace components, buses, construction equipment, drive systems for marine life, industrial equipment, trucks and other commercial vehicles. Founded in April 1927 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Volvo took off as SKF, a roller ball bearing maker. The word Volvo originates from Latin which means “I roll”. The inspiration came from the company’s manufacturing of bearings for automobiles.


Shape of the Volvo Logo: Just like the name, the Volvo logo also has ancient roots. The logo was designed by the legendary Swedish calligrapher and typographer Karl-Erik Forsberg in the 1950s. It depcits the pre-historic symbol of Iron, a circle with a diagonally upwards pointed arrow directing towards the right. The primitive symbol is also a representation of “Mars, the God of War”, as well as the symbol for “Man”. Font of the Volvo Logo: The Volvo logo uses a hand-drawn font designed by Forsberg.

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