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Volkswagen Logo

Volkswagen Logo Volkswagen, based in Wolfsburg, Germany, is the third biggest car manufacturer in the world. The company produces the world’s most famous cars including the Beetle and the Golf.


The Volkswagen logo was originally designed in 1938 and modified in 1996 and 2000, when color blends and implied three-dimensionality were brought in. There is some controversy regarding the origin of its design. Some people say that the mark was created by Franz Xaver Reimspeiss, a Porsche employee. Another theory states that Martin Freyer created it and consequently won a design competition. In any way, the Volkswagen logo is one of the most memorable logos ever designed. Shape of the Volkswagen Logo: The Volkswagen logo contains two letters (a V over a W) which seem to interact beautifully with each other. A circle of the same line weight holds the letters with just the perfect amount of “air” in the negative spaces to retain legibility, while maximizing visual distinctiveness. Color of the Volkswagen Logo: The blue color in the Volkswagen logo represents excellence and class, while the white color depicts purity and charm.

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