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Verizon Logo Verizon Communications Inc., more commonly known as Verizon, is a multinational American broadband and telecommunications company. Founded in October in 1983 as Bell Atlantic, it employs around 194,000 people worldwide with total assets of US$ 230.4 billion as of 2011.


Shape and Colors of the Verizon Logo: The Verizon logo consists of graphically stark and simplistic signs, featuring masculine black and red colors. The red “z” is supposedly a visual trick and roughly appears like an electric spark. The logo also contains a prominent red check in a distinct line weight which typifies the origin of the company, the Latin word “veritas”, implying certainty and trustworthiness and horizon. It also symbolizes the forward-looking and visionary attitude of the company. Font of the Verizon Logo: The Verizon logo features a slightly modified form of the Helvetica Black typeface.

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