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Vans Logo Vans is a trendy shoes brand in the USA that was established by Paul Van Doren in March 1966. The company’s humble origins can be traced to its small shoe factory in Anaheim, California. In the last 4 decades, Vans has witnessed an extraordinary growth and launched several ranges of popular footwear. Van also offers clothing and accessories that are very popular among the youth with special emphasis on the skateboarder/surfer/snowboarder market segment. The other products include shoes for BMX riders, snowboarders, skateboarders and other types of boots. Throughout the 1980’s, Vans created footwear for several sports including basketball, baseball and wrestling and challenged the status quo. The challenge to well-established sport accessories giants proved costly and dented the companies’ resources. Vans suffered the loss despite the fact that its core shoes types, including the newly introduced sports shoes, were selling well. Ultimately, Vans became bankrupt in 1983 after failing to fulfil its financial obligations and went into administration. The company made a remarkable recovery within 3 years and was back in business. However, the original owner disposed of the business in 1988. Vans has changed many hands since then. Current owners are the North Carolina-based V.F. Corporation, named Greensboro, who acquired the trendy firm in 2004. Vans shoes are known for their ultra casual and attractive style. Some highly-rated Vans shoes include: “Authentic Core Classics”, “Chukka Low”, “Classic Slip-ons” and “Mesa After-Surf” shoes. The mass appeal of the shoes has brought immense success to the brand.


The Vans logo is the representative of the company’s strong customer base. The company’s logo is instantly recognizable and reflects the reliability and trustworthiness of its products. Shape of the Vans Logo: The “V” of the Vans logo gives a prominent look to the whole design. The right end of the “V” extends further, sheltering the other letters of the logo. Color of the Vans Logo: The Vans logo stands for the brand’s stylishness and charm thanks to the use of black color. Font of the Vans Logo: The Vans logo font is very simple and generic to an extent.

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