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Time Warner Cable Logo Time Warner Cable, previously Warner Cable Communications, is an American national cable television company. It operates in about 28 states and has more than 31 operating divisions. With total assets of $56.6 billion as of 2007, Time Warner Cable employs more than 44,000 people countrywide. Time Warner Cable unveiled a redesigned logo in October 2010, in collaboration with a WPP-owned design agency, The Brand Union.


Shape of the Time Warner Cable Logo: The Time Warner Cable logo is widely known for its iconic eye and ear graphic, which has been made more prominent in the redesign. The old design featured the symbol as only a modest part of a long, rectangular logo. On the other hand, the new design is kept square-shaped and the ear and eye graphic represents nearly half of the overall logo. In addition, the word “cable” carries the same prominence as the words “Time Warner”. This highlights the fact that the company is now actively emphasizing on its improved cable offerings. Color of the Time Warner Cable Logo: The new Time Warner Cable logo makes use of a vigorous baby blue color instead of the diluted navy color used in the old logo. Font of the Time Warner Cable Logo: The new Time Warner Cable logo uses a font based heavily on Stag Sans Round by Christian Schwartz.

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