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Starbucks Logo Starbucks is the most famous coffeehouse chain in the world, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The Starbucks logo reflects the history of the company which basically started as a merger of two companies; hence a combination of both the entities represented in the logo. Today, Starbucks is recognized for its coffees and other drinks across the planet and is known for its exquisite taste. One can find the logo imprinted on all the coffee mugs in the coffeehouse, which reminds the customers of Starbucks’ quality and standard. Founded in 1971, the company has transcended on a long journey of evolution and development. Il Giornale’s original brown logo was replaced with the “twin-nailed siren” – the one we see today.


The Starbucks logo is based on the 17th century “Norse woodcut” which is topless with her double fish tail fully visible. The logo then evolved with her breasts covered by flowing hair but navel still visible. The third version saw the disappearance of her breasts and navel from the logo with only the fish tails remaining visible. Earlier this year, the world’s largest coffeehouse chain announced the removal of Starbucks wordmark above the siren and enlarging of the siren figure. Shape of the Starbucks Logo: The Starbucks logo is circular in shape along with another circle within it. The wordmarks are inside the circles with two stars on either sides separating the words Starbucks and Coffee. The current change to the logo is a bid to highlight the Siren which is a symbol of the Starbucks’ legendary taste. Color of the Starbucks Logo: The two-colored Starbucks logo characterizes the simplicity of the brand. White and deep green are the only colors that are used in the new logo. The two tails are white in color whereas green forms the background of the logo. Fonts of the Starbucks logo: The former Starbucks logo sported a bold but simple font that attracted all age groups. The new logo is without any wordmarks or stars with an enlarged siren. The Starbucks Coffee is known for its unique taste, quality and customer-friendly atmosphere which firmly roots the company in the world of beverages. The Starbucks logo is purposefully legendary which gives a new dimension to its products and enables them to reach the zenith of success and win customers’ trust. UPDATE: The new wordless Starbucks logo irks brand loyal clients

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