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Saab Logo Saab Automobile AB, more commonly known as Saab, is a famous Swedish automobile manufacturer operated by Spyker Cars NV. The company, originally named as “Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget” (Swedish Aeroplane Limited), was instituted in 1937 in Trollhättan as an aviation and defense company. In 1939, Saab joined forces with the Linköping-based ASJA and its headquarters moved to Linköping. Saab was acquired by General Motors in 1990, but was later sold to Dutch Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker Cars in 2010.


Shape of the Saab Logo: The Saab logo portrays a mythological bird. This bird is also found on the founder’s, Count von Skane’s, official coat of arms. The logo was adapted as the emblem for the place of origin of the Saab company, the Swedish province of Skane. Color of the Saab Logo: The Saab logo features four colors, namely blue, red, white and golden yellow. Font of the Saab Logo: The font used in the Saab logo is a slight modification of the Gill Sans typeface, originally designed by Eric Gill.

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