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Rolls Royce Logo

Rolls Royce Logo Rolls Royce Ltd. was established in 1906 which makes it one of the oldest luxury car manufacturers. The company has now become one of the most famous names in automobile world. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce joined hands to bring out the wide collection of Rolls Royce cars. Since then, Rolls Royce has gained immense recognition in the motor manufacturing industry. Rolls Royce Limited has a uniquely designed logo, which elegantly represents the company’s strength and power. The Rolls Royce logo consists of two “R”s, respresentative of Rolls and Royce, the masterminds behind this successful brand. The company name “Rolls Royce” is inscribed with a dash in between, which signifies the strong bond between the founders. Even though the design of the logo portrays simplicity with slight modernism, it has become of the most enduring and memorable logos of all time.


The Rolls Royce logo has the power to captivate its viewers at first sight; it also projects the strong image the company owns. The logo is simple, but if seen once, can’t be forgotten. Shape of Rolls Royce Logo: The Rolls Royce logo has a rectangular shape with curved edges, which looks sophisticated and professional. The company name is enclosed inside the rectangular shape, giving it a realistic and symmetrical look. The structure of the logo has three divisions; one being the central and larger, while the others are smaller and similar in size. Color of Rolls Royce Logo: The blue color of the logo projects the boldness and goodwill of the company. Simplicity is the leading quality of the Rolls Royce logo. The dull blue hue makes the logo look more prominent and astonishing, consequently representing the exceptional image of the company. Font of Rolls Royce Logo: It is often said that simplicity enhances the beauty of a designed object. The font used in the Rolls Royce logo is simple and stylish. The logo comprises of two “R”s, along with company name in a unique and innovative style. The upper and the lower segments contain the company name, whereas the central part contains two “R”s which are locked together to give an vivid impression.

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