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Ralph Lauren Logo Ralph Lauren Corporation is a world-renowned high-end fashion house started by the famous American designer Ralph Lauren. Best known for its its “Polo Ralph Lauren” flagship label, RL Corporation also manufactures footwear, perfumes, housewares and other accessories. Headquartered in Madison Avenue, New York City, the company employs more than 19,000 employees worldwide with total assets of US$ 4.649 billion as of 2010.


Shape of the Ralph Lauren Logo: The iconic Ralph Lauren logo depicts a polo horseman. It started appearing in New York City newspapers in early 1974. The Ralph Lauren logo gives a very clear perception of the rich, proud American look and tradition. The emblem is a prime example of an expressive logo that evokes feelings of pride, elitism and the spirit to enjoy the lifestyle-oriented “good life”. The Ralph Lauren logo has become one of the most popular logos in fashion and is trademarked in more than 100 countries worldwide. Color of the Ralph Lauren Logo: The two basic colors in the Ralph Lauren logo; white and black, are representative of elegance, prestige and refinement of the brand. Font of the Ralph Lauren Logo: The Ralph Lauren logo features a custom typeface designed specifically for the company.

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