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Queen Logo Queen is a British rock band which was formed in England in 1970. Despite coming into existence 40 years ago, the band is a force to be reckoned with and is deeply popular among thousands of music lovers. The band has the privilege of having many of their songs and soundtracks featured in many Hollywood movies. Some of the most famous movies include Chicken Little, Cheaper by the dozen, Happy Feet, Ice Age, Step Mom and many more. The Queen logo was designed by Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of the band, keeping in view the zodiac signs of the band members. The Queen logo is as classical as the rock band itself. Despite the lapse of decades, the band has not shown any sign of ageing and still demonstrates its legendary prowess in the world of rock music.


The Queen logo outline is a depiction of royalty and elegance. The close resemblance with the British Royal coat of arms gives the logo a regal feel while embodying patriotism and classiness. Shape of the Queen Logo: The Queen logo’s shape gives it a groundbreaking appeal while highlighting every aspect of the band’s identity. The symbols used in the band logo are a pair of the lions and fairies. On either side are the zodiac signs of the band members i.e. Leo and Virgo. The Cancer sign of crab sits on top of the letter Q, which of course stands for rock band Queen. The fairies are provided shelter by the lions in the Queen logo where they can be seen standing elevated. A ring of flames hovers above the crab giving an impression of a crown. Finally an eagle is perched on top of everyone with its wings wide open. Color of the Queen Logo: The presence of many unique motifs gives the Queen logo a fascinating and colorful look. Yellow and Orange are the principal colors featured in the Queen logo with a blend of red on the ‘Q’ ribbons. The lions are mustard colored whereas the color of the fairies is white. The crab is painted a metallic bronze color. Font of the Queen Logo: The impressive use of fonts truly compliment the fanciful layout and design of the Queen logo. The Roman-style font are slightly bold with defined curvatures and appear at the bottom.

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