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Playboy Logo America’s most eminent adult magazine, Playboy, was founded in December 1953 by a 27-year-old man named Hugh Marston Hefner. Playboy is the top adult magazine in the world selling over 3 million copies in USA every month. It also sells 4.5 million magazines worldwide. Only few people can doubt the fact that the Playboy logo is vital to the adult publication’s corporate image worldwide. Art Paul was the architect of the Playboy logo. The well-known bunny head sketch that wears a tuxedo bow tie has been in use since its inception. The Playboy logo has remained in its original shape and form since it was ever printed and has never seen any alteration or change.


According to Art Paul, the choice of rabbit in the Playboy logo comes naturally due to the animal’s “sexual connotation” and its “frisky and playful” nature. The Playboy logo is an embodiment of the mischievous and sensual feelings evoked by the furry mammal. Shape of the Playboy Logo: The Playboy logo is comprised of a bunny with a tuxedo bow tie on, reflecting the playful content of the publication. The bunny solely depicts the amusing, charming, and lively character of the adult magazine. Color of the Playboy Logo: Black is the one and only color that shapes up the Playboy logo. The Playboy logo color displays the corporate features of the adult publication. The black shaded Playboy logo induces an imposing appearance on the reader. The standard size Playboy logo showcases a robust corporate identity. The Playboy logo is among the best trademarks in the world of entertainment. It compliments the content of the magazine as well as reflecting the playful and frolicsome facet of the monthly publication.

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