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Philips Logo Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. (English: Royal Philips Electronics) is a world-renowned Dutch electronics firm. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Philips is the biggest electronics company in the world that employs 114,500 people in more than 60 countries worldwide with annual revenues of €25.42 billion as of 2010. Established in 1891 by Dutch industrialist Gerard Philips and his father Frederik as a family business, the company is the biggest producer of lighting in the world.


Shape, Color and Font of the Philips Logo: The story of the Philips shield logo traces back to more than seven decades ago, as it first appeared in 1938. It contains four stars and three waves contained in a circle, which is itself enclosed in a shield. The current form of the shield emblem and the Philips logotype was, however, defined in 1968. Louis Kalff, the famous industrial engineer who joined the company in 1924, claimed that he created the emblem inspired by the fact that sound consists of waves travelling through the ether. Johan van der Ley, another employee of Philips, made a conflicting claim declaring himself the sole creator of the logo. Ley asserted that the star spangles represent electric lighting and were only gradually integrated with the wavy lines. The two graphic objects were placed in a circle, depicting a globe. The shield was later added to avoid similarities with the ICI logo which had a similar circular trademark. The emblem was registered in 1948. The current Philips wordmark, on the other hand, features the company name in uniform capital letters using a sans-serif typeface. There have been almost no significant changes, however a slight alteration in fonts was introduced in March 2008. The blue color in the Philips logo represents the brightness of the sky, prosperity and calmness.

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