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Peugeot Logo Peugeot is a famous French car brand owned by PSA Peugeot Citroën, which is the second largest carmaker in Europe. The company manufactured its first car in 1891. With a production output of 1,739,000 as of 2009, Peugeot employs more than 198,210 around the world.


Peugeot Logo Evolution Shape and Color of the Peugeot Logo: 1847 The Peugeot “lion” logo represents the Peugeot car brand very powerfully. The initial lion in the logo was formed to make saw blades and steel goods. This projects the three major attributes of Peugeot saw blades; the strong teeth, the elastic blade, and the swift cut. In 1850 the picture of the lion was first seen on the “Peugeot Bros” arrow. The original logo with blades was registered in 1858, and was emblazoned on tools manufactured by the company. 1889 1889 was a notable year for the company, because they produced their first machine that bore the Peugeot name: a tricycle, achieved after the collaboration of Leon Serpollet and Armand Peugeot. The lion is still seen on tools and cycles. However, it is missing on their products manufactured between 1890 and 1905. Armand Peugeot, the founder of the Automobiles Peugeot company, inscribed the words ‘Automobiles Peugeot’ on the radiators. From 1905 to 1915, the lion logo on an arrow was shown on the “Lion Peugeot” cars produced by Peugeot Bros. 1910 After the merger of the cycle and automobile manufacturing activities in 1910, the company “Automobiles et Cycles Peugeot” marked their cars with the old PEUGEOT. Few of the models presented “unofficial” lions such as the Baudichon lion (1923) and the Marx lion (1925), both of which were named after their sculptors and are truly artistically formed. In 1933, a more realistic lion was seen on bonnets of the cars. 1948 The heraldic lion made its appearance on the 203. It is nurturing to capture the posture of the lion on the coat of arms of Franche-Comté, the place where the company was instituted. 1965 After becoming the holding company and being named Peugeot S.A., the company made a few modifications to the logo. The lion’s head was held on a triangular shield. After three years the same head was enclosed in a square shaped structure, and it remains the same till date, while the radiators of the cars still hold the heraldic lion. 1976 In 1976, the PSA Peugeot-Citroën holding company was created after the successful merger of Peugeot and Citroën. This group then acquired the Chrysler Corporation. There were so many events hindering the originality of the Peugeot brand. To strengthen its image, Peugeot had once again driven back to the heraldic lion, with a sophisticated design known as “Lion fil”. The best representative of this new identity is 205, which has been sold efficiently since 1983. 1998 The look of Peugeot logo was once again altered and the paws were added to highlight the power and balance of this logo. Furthermore, the blue, intense eye in the emblem signifies the future planning of the company. The lion is finalized and metalized to enhance the brand’s values (sure, dynamic, aesthetic); and is now presented in the latest car models of the company. 2002 The current Peugeot logo is known as the “Blue Brand”. The logo was modified yet again in 2002 to project the aims and objectives of the Peugeot brand. It is complete, metalized and has an elaborated black hue added to showcase the lion’s shadow. The proportionally shaped logo and the car brand is now inseparable, and it undoubtedly makes one of the finest and most visually distinctive car logos ever created.

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