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Paramount Pictures Logo

Paramount Pictures Logo Paramount Pictures Corporation is a leading American movie production and distribution firm, located in Hollywood, California. This American movie studio has been in existence since 95 years. Paramount is a part of the world’s fourth-largest media conglomerate, Viacom.


Paramount Pictures Logo Evolution The unique Paramount Pictures logo depicting a pyramidal mountain has been the main emblem of the company since its existence. The emblem is the oldest surviving and the most eminent Hollywood film logo in history. It is evident that the mountain is inspired by a sketch drawn by W. W. Hodkinson during a conference with Adolph Zukor. The pyramidal mountain in the logo is said to be a depiction of the memories of his early life in Utah. It is also said that the mountain drawn by Hodkinson is the Utah’s Ben Lomond Mountain, and that Peru’s Artesonraju is the mountain in the live-action emblem. The Paramount Pictures logo was initiated as a charcoal representation of the mountain surrounded by twenty-four stars. The logo was reformed into a dull canvas in 1953. In the 1970s, it was made simpler and the number of stars was reduced to twenty-two. The logo was redesigned yet again in 1987 on Paramount’s 75th Anniversary, in collaboration with Apogee, Inc. With lake and stars, the design utilized computer technology for the first time. In 2002, a fresh new computer-generated logo was produced for the second time, commemorating the 90th anniversary of Paramount Pictures.

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