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NY Yankees Logo The NY Yankees, as the name suggests, are a New York City team. The NY Yankees is one of eight original charter franchises of the American Baseball League and enjoy an illustrious career. It is one of the most celebrated baseball teams in American sports with a hundred-year-old history that truly reflects the catchphrase “empire” in professional sports. On November 4, 2009, NY Yankees clinched their 27th World Series title against Philadelphia. Originally, the team was founded as the Baltimore Orioles in 1901. It was moved to the New York City in 1903 with New York Highlanders as the new name. The team earned the title “Yankees” in 1913. New York Yankees, along with New York Mets, are New York’s two major league franchises that have a prominent place in the world of Baseball. Lou Stallman and Bob Bundin wrote the song “Here Come the Yankees” for the team which became a roaring success. “New York, New York” is the other song that is aired at the conclusion of each home game. The anthem will be the Frank Sinatra’s version if the NY Yankees win. In case of a defeat, the original version Liza Minnelli’ of the same song will be played. The New York Yankees possess the astonishing record of clinching twenty-seven World Series wins in forty appearances, a fact that draws tremendous respect, popularity and following from millions of American baseball fans.


Originally Louis B. Tiffany designed the NY cap logo in 1877, when he was asked by the New York City Police Department to design a medal. It was to be conferred to the first ever New York City police officer John McDowell who was shot dead in the line of duty. The same logo appeared on the uniforms of the New York Yankees team in 1909. The NY Yankees’ red-colored primary logo was created by famous designer Henry Alonzo Keller in 1947. It was modified slightly in 1970s and has seen minor changes over the years that continue to-date. Shape and Color of the NY Yankees Logo: The NY Yankees logo appearing on the caps is the interlocking “NY” design. The other “Yankees” design that appears on the team merchandize is highlighted with a red bat which also extends to become the vertical line of the K of “Yankees”. The NY Yankees logo also consists of an Uncle Sam hat that is white, blue and red in color and hangs on the baseball bat. Font of the NY Yankees Logo: “N” and “Y” are the two letters that stand for New York Yankees and give the logo an extremely sportive look. The classic NY-Yankees logo encompasses the team’s glory and achievements of more than 100 years.

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