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Nissan Logo Nissan Motor Company Ltd, more commonly known as Nissan, is a leading Japanese multinational car manufacturer. With total assets of ¥10.736 trillion as of 2011, it is the sixth largest automaker in the world. Headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Nissan employs more than 155,099 worldwide. Some of the famous Nissan models include the Maxima, Altima, Quest minivan, Xterra 4X4, Armada full size SUV, Titan pickup truck and Murano crossover.


Shape of the Nissan Logo: The Nissan logo has faced several changes over the years. After taking over DAT motors, Nissan adopted a slightly modified version of the corporate logo of Datsun, which consisted of two basic geometric shapes; a circle in red and a rectangle in blue. The company name “Nissan” was placed over the rectangle in a rounded yet simple typeface. The current version of the chrome-colored Nissan logo, an appreciable rework of the old emblem, was introduced in 2001. Color of the Nissan Logo: The silver color in the Nissan logo represents creativity, perfection, modernism and sophistication of the company’s products. Font of the Nissan Logo: The Nissan logo features a custom designed typeface.

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