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NFL Logo The National Football League was founded in 1920 with 11 teams taking part in the inaugural season. Now the league has expanded exponentially with 32 teams from American cities and states playing in the coveted NFL. Behind the prominence and success of the football league lies the vital importance of the NFL logo that played a major role in establishing the credibility of the league. NFL logo is the bedrock of enthusiasm for football in American youth and gives them the impetus to work hard and take part in the NFL one day. The NFL logo is all about passion and commitment which gives the follower an assurance that this is the place to be where football is played in its finest form. The NFL logo embodies the spirit of the American football’s highest league in a way that words fail to express.


The NFL logo is unlike any other football league logo as it displays some sporty features that underline glory and excellence. The shield-like NFL logo’s colors are truly compelling and leave a long-lasting impression on the followers and the professional footballers alike. Shape of the NFL Logo: The shield-like NFL logo is a depiction of the proud identity of the league. It is the classical embodiment of the league’s promise to high-octane sporting entertainment. The NFL shield logo helps identify the organization’s prowess with a superior view. Color of the NFL Logo: The NFL logo comprises of blue, red and white hues. The NFL font is engraved with glowing red color that depicts the superiority of the emblem. The football and stars in the logo are white colored, promoting the authority of the NFL logo. The shield background is painted a shade of blue that brings a bolder appearance. NFL Logo Redesign: There have been reports in the past that the National Football League intends to launch a brand new NFL logo that emblazons every single thing relating to the league. The last changes to the NFL logo were made in 1980 when the shield adopted four stars along with a new football and a slightly stretched but lean shield. The colors also got a dull touch.

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