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New Orleans Saints Logo The New Orleans Saints were established on November 1, 1966 in New Orleans, Louisiana as a professional American football team. The team is placed in the South Division of the National Football League. The New Orleans Saints’ current owner is Tom Beson who bought the team back in 1985. The Saints did not have a smooth start in their early years of the NFL career. The first win came only in their 14th season in 1987. Their first major victory came under the leadership of coach Jim Haslett when he guided them to Super Bowl playoff in the late 2000. The team’s home ground, the Superdome, was devastated during the Hurricane Katrina. It also lost the important playoff against San Antonio in 2004. However, the Saints made an impressive comeback in Superdome when they trounced Atlanta in a memorable match on September 25, 2006. Their post-season terrific form continued that helped them beat the Philadelphia Eagles. The Saints were on song in the 2009 season when they clinched their first conference championship and qualified for their first appearance in the prestigious Super Bowl. The Saints went on to win the Super Bowl XLIV by defeating the Indianapolis Colts and claiming the first ever league championship title in their history.


Ever since its debut in 1967, the logo of the New Orleans Saints has remained more or less the same with a few minor changes. Shape of the New Orleans Saints Logo: Known as the fleur-de-lis, the New Orleans Saints logo symbolizes the France’s Bourbon monarchy which used a stylized lily as its emblem. Color of the New Orleans Saints Logo: The Saints logo uses golden color which is a symbol of the splendor and strength. It is also the reflection of the team’s resolve which is to rise from the defeat and strive for success.

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