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New Jersey Transit Logo

New Jersey Transit Logo The New Jersey Transit Corporation is a public transportation system which provides bus, light rail, and commuter rail services to the state of New Jersey, as well as Orange and Rockland counties in New York. Founded in 1979, it is one of the biggest public transit systems in the United States.


The New Jersey Transit logo is one of the most popular logos in the state, which goes by the slogan “The Way To Go”. Shape of the New Jersey Transit Logo: The New Jersey Transit logo fits the N into the J in an artistic and superb manner. These highly stylized letters would be almost illegible and poorly proportioned if they were standing alone. By putting them together, they wonderfully support each other, and look visually distinctive. The letters are separated by the white gap which nearly looks like the center stripe on a divided road, emphasizing the fact that the service offered by NJ Transit is ground transportation. Color of the New Jersey Transit Logo: The New Jersey Transit logo aptly makes use of the Jersey blue color.

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