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Nestle Logo Evolution Nestlé S.A., more commonly known as Nestle, is one of the biggest food companies in the world. Founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé, the company now employs about 283,000 people in more than 86 countries around the world. With total assets of about 111.64 billion Swiss franc (CHF) as of 2010, Nestlé has 6,000 brands, with a wide range of products including coffee, chocolate, ice cream, bottled water, infant food and confectionery.


The Nestlé logo is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and well-recognized food logos ever created. Despite being changed several times, the logo still retains a sense of authority and modernity with an up-to-date feel. Shape of the Nestlé Logo: The earliest Nestlé logo was introduced by Henri Nestlé in 1868, based on the meaning of his name in German, i.e. little nest, as an artistic conceptualization of his family emblem. Henri secured a 15-year French patent for this design the same year. Following his retirement, the logo was registered in Vevey in 1875 by the new owners of the Nestlé S.A. company. Later in 1938, the “Nestlé” name was introduced to the traditional nest design, giving rise to the “combined mark”. However, in 1966, the design was simplified once again, with a few minor graphic tweaks to the nest as well as the typeface. In 1988, the worm in the beak of the mother bird was taken out while an extra fledgling was also added. Such changes were intended to put an emphasis on the activities of the company, which was broadening its horizons to include diversified products, while reflecting the modern family with two children. The current Nestlé logo has been recently simplified, and the tree is supposed to symbolize an oak and the birds thrushes. Color of the Nestlé Logo: The blue color in the Nestlé logo represents prosperity, purity, care and goodness. Font of the Nestlé Logo: The custom typeface used in the Nestlé logo has been derived from Helvetica.

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