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MSN Logo The Microsoft Network, more commonly known as MSN, is a worldwide online service that provides various Internet sites and products such as Hotmail and Messenger. Originally launched as an Internet service provider on August 24, 1995, MSN is now one of the biggest internet properties in the world with more than 650 sites in about 44 markets.


Shape, Colors and Fonts of the MSN Logo: The iconic butterfly logo of MSN, which was introduced in 2000, went a significant overhaul in 2009. The new MSN logo looked fresher and less cluttered as compared to its predecessor, however it symbolized the butterfly in a rather abstract form. A more rounded and thinner typeface was introduced which featured the company name in gray color instead of blue. The original colors of the butterfly; blue, red, green and yellow, were retained but with slight variations in shades. The MSN logo remains one of the most intantly recognizable logos in the computer industry.

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