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Monster Energy Logo Monster Energy is manufactured in Corona, California by Hansen Beverage Company. Launched in 2002 by Hansen Natural, Monster was among the first drinks ever marketed in a 16 fluid-ounce can (approx. 473 ml). It is sold at the same price of an “ammo drink” which is almost twice the size of the 16 fluid-ounce can, proving to be a no-brainer deal for energy drink addicts. Hansen Natural also introduced the 24-ounce Monster Energy can in 2002. The popular energy drink comes in a number of varieties with resalable tops. Monster is a very popular energy drink and is readily available at convenience stores and supermarket across Canada and the U.S. In line with the FDA regulation, the Monster energy drink can is printed with a warning note on it, asking the consumer to restrict the number of cans consumed daily. Java Monster, a hybrid of coffee-energy drink was marketed in 2007 which received a tremendous response from caffeine junkies. Monster energy is endorsed by celebrities such as professional skater Rob Dyrdek; Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg – the Formula one drivers; Ricky Carmichael – the American rally driver, and many other extreme sport professionals. The motocross race team event known as “Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki” is also sponsored by the Monster Energy drink.


Among beverage logos, the Monster Energy logo enjoys one of the top positions thanks to its unique look that helps it stand out from the rest of the lot. The logo has an absolute ‘monster’ look considering its color, font and shape. It was designed by McLean Design, a California-based strategic branding and packaging design agency. Shape of the Monster Energy Logo: The Monster Energy drink logo imitates the claws of a monster that scratched a large ‘M’. Color of the Monster Energy Logo: The neon green color of the large ‘M’ against the black background demonstrates the kick people get after consuming a can of Monster energy drink. Font of the Monster Energy Logo: The custom-designed font of the Monster Energy logo provides instant boost to the consumers and compels millions of people to indulge in its taste.

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