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Mobil Logo Mobil is an oil company that has been in business since the last 100 years. The Mobil logo is an instantly recognized logo across the planet. Mobil is an American oil company that began its operations in 1911. Exxon and Mobil merged in 1999 and became known as ExxonMobil Company. Tom Geismar of the famous advertising group Chermayeff and Geismar Inc. designed the world famous Mobil logo in 1964. The design has remained the same since then as if etched in stone. The uniformity and uniqueness brings tremendous respect and recognition to the Mobil logo today. The simple yet innovative design is too hard to ignore by millions of motorists around the world.


  At times, the font-oriented Mobil logo is featured with the famous Pegasus, a Greek mythology winged horse. The logo has all the qualities of a reputable brand identity which is modern but traditional as well. Shape of the Mobil Logo: Despite the fact that the Mobil logotype is composed of a plain font, the inclusion of the winged horse at the top of the logo depicts the oil company’s ascent towards success and excellence. Color of the Mobil Logo: Blue and red are the two colors used in the Mobil logo that trigger creative contrasts while preserving the strong characteristics of the spectrum. The letter ‘O’ is colored red whereas the other letters of Mobil are colored blue. Red stands for the passion of Mobil towards its customers, while blue characterizes the reliance, trust and commitment. Font of the Mobil Logo: The bold font of the Mobil logo is presented in a unique style. The pioneering design depicts very well the clarity and simplicity of the oil company’s message. The Pegasus from the Mobil logo is long gone but has left an indelible mark on the company’s reputation and stature. Originality, vitality and trust are the three major hallmarks that separates Mobil Oil Company from all the other oil companies.

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