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Microsoft New Current Logo Microsoft Corporation is a leading American multinational corporation that develops personal-computer software systems and applications. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, U.S., Microsoft employs more than 89,000 people in more than 102 countries around the world. The company also provides e-mail services, publishes books and multimedia titles, and distributes electronic game systems, computer peripherals and portable media players.


Microsoft Logo Shape, Colors and Font of the Microsoft Logo: The earliest known Microsoft logo was designed in 1975. Often called a “groovy logo”, it was reflective of the 70’s and 80’s era, and featured glowing disco lights. The second Microsoft logo, which was in use from 1975 to 1987, featured green color and the company name in all uppercase letters. Also known as the “blibbet logo”, it contained a fanciful letter “O”. In 1994, another version Microsoft logo was unveiled which remained the company’s corporate logo until August 2012. The so-called “Pacman logo”, designed by the American graphic designer Scott Baker, uses Helvetica Italic typeface, and contains a slash between the letters “o” and “s” so as to highlight the “soft” part of the company name and express motion and speed. In August 2012, Microsoft introduced a new logo which incorporated a bright, multicolored Windows symbol. The four squares, consisting of the familiar Windows colors, tend to portray the diverse portfolio of the company’s products. The logotype was also significantly modified and featured the company name in Segoe UI font. On the other hand, the italic fonts and the cutout on the O, two integral elements of the old Microsoft logo, were noticeably removed.

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