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Mercedes Benz Logo A golden page in the history of automobiles was written when two automobile giants Benz & Cie and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG) merged to create a new identity known as Mercedes Benz. The hotly contested rivalry transformed into friendship when both the companies decided to join hands and start a new era of motoring excellence. The spirit of doing something extraordinary gave way to a new logo design that embodied the spirit of the newly born company. The Mercedes-Benz logo can be termed as the most recognized logo in the world of motoring and is extremely popular around the world. The Mercedes logo is a creation of Gottlieb Daimler, who carved a niche that is an outstanding reflection of class, excellence and integrity.


The Mercedes logo is extremely eye-catching thanks to its prominent design and sober appearance. The logo has dazzled the hearts of millions of people since the day it came into existence. Shape of the Mercedes Logo: The philosophy behind the Mercedes logo states that the three sided star embodies the company’s dominance over air, land and sea. The three-pointed star logo, enclosed in an orbit, best defines the aura of Mercedes products. The Mercedes logo is a testimony to the fact that its vehicles for land, air and sea are the benchmark of success and have the ability to master the challenges. Color of the Mercedes Logo: Mercedes logo sports a signature metallic gray hue which displays the company’s sophisticated corporate image. The use of Metallic gray color best represents the class of Mercedes products and the suave appeal behind it. The journey of the Mercedes logo began with a blue shade, however, it then transformed into the metallic gray color as it progressed to become an automobile giant. Font of the Mercedes Logo: Despite all the sophistication behind the Mercedes’ motoring technologies, the typeface of the Mercedes logo is charmingly uncomplicated. The simplicity of the Mercedes logo font portrays the resilient character of the firm and also explains the innovation behind its most-sought after products. The mere typeface has went on to become the symbol of status, authority and power.

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