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London Underground Logo The London Underground is a rapid transit system available in the Greater London, as well as surrounding areas such as Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. It is one of the longest metro systems in the world with 270 stations and about 402 kilometers of track.


The London Underground logo (also known as the London Underground roundel) was created byEdward Johnston – the famous British craftsman and calligrapher – in 1913. Marvelously distinctive and recognizable, the London Underground logo has survived for almost a century and shows no signs of being rendered ineffectual. The mark is undoubtedly a genuine London icon – ubiquitous and thoroughly woven into the fabric of the metropolitan.  A pop culture symbol in the truest sense! Color of the London Underground Logo: The London Underground logo features two of the simplest shapes, the circle and the rectangle. Both remarkably act in unison with one another, symmetrically and energetically. Shape of the London Underground Logo: The use of bold primary palette of red and blue in the London Underground logo adds an instant recognition to the mark, even from a fairly large distance. Font of the London Underground Logo: The London Underground logo uses the New Johnston Underground font, an extension of Sans Serif, which was designed by Edward Johnston in 1916.

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