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Linux Logo Linux is a free and open source computer operating system, developed in 1991 by Finnish-American programmer and computer scientist Linus Torvalds, which is similar in style to Unix. Although created primarily for the PC, it is also available for a wide range of other high-performance systems. It is widely considered to be one of the most secure and fastest growing operating systems in the world.


Shape of the Linux Logo: The Linux logo is a mascot called “Tux” which is based on a penguin character. The penguin mascot was conceptualized by Linux creator Linus Torvalds who was inspired by an image of a penguin on an FTP website which strangely resembled the legendary animator Nick Park’s Creature Comforts characters. It was however designed by American computer programmer Larry Ewing in 1996 as an entry to a design competition. He designed it using the free software GIMP v. 0.54. Another computer programmer, Alan Cox, also helped him in the process. The mascot was further fine-tuned by Torvalds before it was finally unveiled. The name “Tux” was coined by James Hughes, originally extracted from Torvalds UniX. A tuxedo, an outfit which reminds of the shaded dark and white plumage of the aquatic bird, is also shortened for “tux”. The “Tux” perfectly represents Linux because a penguin typifies agility, drive and purpose. It is unique and very easily recognizable, satisfying all the salient features of a good logo. Color of the Linux Logo: The Linux logo consists of black, yellow and white colors that symbolize strength, happiness, intelligence, enthusiasm.

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