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Lexus Logo Lexus is a luxury brand owned by Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. It was established as the luxury car division of Toyota and was introduced in the US and Canada in 1989. The LS400 large luxury car inaugurated  as its first product in September 1989. One of the Japan’s best-selling brands of premium cars, Lexus is now sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. Head-quartered in Nagoya, Japan, the company ranks among the 10 biggest Japanese global brands in market value.


Shape and Color of the Lexus Logo: In 1986, a New York-based image consulting firm, “Lippincott & Margulies“, was given the task to come up with a brand name for Toyota’s then newly-formed luxury car division. A few of the names the firm had in mind were Verone, Chaparel, Vectre and Calibre; however, Alexis was the top candidate. Alexis was eventually cut short to Lexis and later evolved to Lexus. The Lexus logo was created by Molly Designs and Hunter Communications. It consisted of an “L” surrounded by an oval in a steel gray theme. According to Toyota, the emblem was designed adopting a precise mathematical formula. The earliest adverts featuring the Lexus name and logo, designed by Team One, a specialized unit formed by Toyota’s longtime partner agency Saatchi & Saatchi, were introduced at the Chicago, Los Angeles and New York automotive shows in 1988. Font of the Lexus Logo: The Lexus logo is based on a specially-designed custom typeface. The letters are unique to the overall design and give it a futuristic look.

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