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Jeep Logo The earliest off-road automobile or sports utility vehicle (SUV) brand in the world, Jeep is a car marque of Chrysler Group LLC.


Shape and Color of the Jeep Logo: The Jeep logo comprises of the bonnet of a car. It contains two rounded figures that are meant to represent headlights of the car and the vertical lines represent the grills between the headlights. The word ‘Jeep’ is positioned in the upper portion of the logo. Jeep was initiated as a military automobile manufacturer and later became a Willys-Overland model. For this reason, it didn’t originally possess a logo, unless we include the word “Jeep” in parentheses, which was presented in a similar font from the civilian introduction in 1946 till the 1960s. Possibly the closest object to the Jeep logo was formed in 1963 in the middle of Wagoneer and Gladiator hubcaps and steering wheels. During this period, Kaiser also let go of Willys name, changing the company name from Willys Motors to Kaiser Jeep Corporation, and set up Jeep as the name of the brand. This insignia was at first a circle with two gold quarters and two red quarters with the word “Jeep” inscribed in the center. When AMC acquired Jeep in 1971, it started to use blue in place of gold. The most aspiring fact about the Jeep logo is that it has never been spotted on cars. The cars only comprise of the words “Jeep”. The logo is majorly used for promotion and marketing purposes. Font of the Jeep Logo: The Jeep logo uses the classic Helvetica Bold typeface.

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