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Jaguar Logo Jaguar Cars Ltd., a brand famous for its elegant styling and sporting presentation, was established in the early 1920s in United Kingdom by two young motorcycle racing enthusiasts, William Lyons and William Walmsley. The company was originally named as Swallow Sidecar (SS) Company, but later in 1945 it was changed to Jaguar Cars Ltd., after the Second World War because of the implication of the SS initials. The company initially produced aluminum sidecars for motorcycles in 1922, later it started to manufacture passenger vehicles. In 1898, Jaguar Cars Ltd. was sold to Ford Motor Company, only to be purchased in 2008 by the Indian company Tata Motors Ltd. Today, Jaguar is increasing its great reputation of excellence, quality and the ability to satisfy the customers by providing them with graceful, speedy and classy cars like XJ, XK and XF.


The Jaguar logo was created in 1935. The logo was first seen on a sedan called S.S. 100 Jaguar that was manufactured at the time. However, later, when the production of Jaguar cars commenced, the logo was changed to the eminent wild cat symbol, known as ‘Jaguar’, which looks like it is pouncing over the name of the company. Shape of the Jaguar Logo: The Jaguar logo comprises of a jumping jaguar above the company’s name, depicting speed, power and brilliance of the cars produced by the company. Color and Font of the Jaguar Logo: The black font and color perfectly complements the popular image of the company and also goes well with the jumping jaguar. The font used in the Jaguar logo is “Algera”, which is simple and stylish. The Jaguar logo is very attractive and is an accurate representation the image of the company holds, that is, the production of the one of the most stylish, graceful and fast cars around the world.

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