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Intel Logo Intel Corporation is world-famous for its new incorporated electronic devices since 1968. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, Intel Electronics is a leading manufacturer of personal computers, motherboard chipsets, network cards and ICs, flash memory, graphic chips, embedded processors and a variety of other devices associated with communications and technology. Intel has worked very smartly on its marketing strategies. The company has become one of the majorly recognized computer trademarks because of its “Intel Inside” campaign. The original Intel logo which consisted of a ‘dropped e’ was created by Silicon Valley founders, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, almost about 39 years back. In 1991, the Intel logo foregrounded the ‘Intel Inside’ motto, and the newly born emblem was promoted extensively.


The company modified its logo from the ‘dropped e’ version to a ‘swoosh’ around the company’s name with an innovative ‘Leap Ahead’ motto. The new Intel logo sophisticatedly represents the company’s aim to take lead in the future. Shape of the Intel Logo: The new Intel logo comprises of a swoosh surrounding the company’s name with a ‘Leap Ahead’ slogan. It highlights the elegance of the Intel logo along with effective marketing plans for moving forward in high velocity. Color of the Intel Logo: The Intel logo uses a light blue shade which creates an impression of the company’s domination and power in the minds of people. The blue tint projects a highly specialized design and wholly compliments the company and its merchandise. Font of the Intel Logo: ‘The simpler, the better’ strategy is employed for the font of the Intel logo in order to project the bold and powerful image of the corporation. A very simple and clear font is used in the Intel logo. Even though the Intel logo has been modified over the years, it still manages to successfully hold the best corporate image.

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