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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Logo

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Logo The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup is the 10th Cricket World Cup, being hosted jointly by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The One Day International World Cup stars 14 cricket teams from five continents of the world. The six week long tournament runs through the months of February and March in 2011.


The World Cup event’s theme is titled “Celebration of Cricket”. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 logo can easily be termed as a glamorous representation of that theme. A detailed look at the logo reveals a cricket ball with a green upright seam. On both sides of the seam are the crowds that are in action, cheering and rooting up for their team. The logo, designed by Australian design agency Witekite, was inaugrated on July 14 in Mumbai. It was selected out of the 12 concepts submitted by different companies from all over the world. Shape and Colors of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Logo: The green-colored seam highlights the pitch and ground which are also green in color. The designs on either sides of the seam represent the crowd and the players. The different shades of red and blue designs on both sides of the ball represent the 14 playing nations. The colors create a festival-like atmosphere bringing together players and fans from all over the world to the greatest cricket bonanza held in the sub-continent. The logo assumes the shape of a cricket ball, and is perfectly reflective of the crucial elements related to the sport – color, movement and action.

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