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IBM Logo International Business Machines, more commonly known as IBM, has undoubtedly created one of the world’s greatest and most widely known brands. The simplicity and attractiveness of the IBM logo is surprisingly captivating and it also accurately defines the brand name and quality. The logo is representative of the confidence, superiority and uniqueness, the company’s products possess, and has played a crucial role in promoting the company in the Information Technology market. The earliest version of the IBM logo consisted of a globe. With the passage of time, it was transformed and modified many times. After the globe version became unsuccessful and met with failure, the company created a simple and decipherable logo design. In the transformed logo, the letters ‘IBM’ were featured in a bold and sophisticated font style. After a few years, this IBM logo was changed yet again, but the typeface remained the same.


IBM Logo Evolution The current IBM logo is eminent all over the world because of its simplicity. It was created by Paul Rand, one of the greatest graphic designers in history, who had designed the previous IBM logos as well. The new logo possesses great resemblance to the one before, though it is simpler and renders an even stronger corporate image. Shape of the IBM Logo: The IBM logo consists of horizontal stripes which are representative of the spee and dynamism, the esteemed corporate image and goodwill of the company. The company name ‘IBM’ is highlighted fashionably, using capitalized block lettering to demonstrate authority. Color of the IBM Logo: The blue shade is used in the IBM logo. Blue, a very professional color that is often used for corporate logos, projects the strength and dominance of the company and gives a distinctive quality to the logo. Font of the IBM Logo: The IBM logo consists of a simple but unforgettable font style. The letters are inscribed in a bold font which is a depiction the decent attribute of the company and its products. The letters in the logo are formed with horizontal bars which enhance the beauty of the logo.

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