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Hydro-Québec Logo

Hydro-Québec Logo Hydro-Québec is a government-owned electricity generator headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is one of the largest hydroelectric generating companies in the world. As of 2009, the combined capacity of the company’s power stations was 36,810 megawatt and the distribution network served over 3.96 million customers.


The Hydro-Québec logo was designed by Montreal firm Gagnon/Valkus, Inc. in 1960. Shape of the Hydro-Québec Logo: The Hydro-Québec logo features the tireless lightning bolt, employed repeatedly to symbolize all things electric. It is one of those few cases when using overused imagery is probably the right thing to do. Before anything else, the bolt is highly legible. Particularly, it is the ideal element to nail the letter Q. Taking advantage of this opportunity is almost irresistible, and it is difficult to blame the designer when the end result showcases so many characteristics of a classic logo. Color of the Hydro-Québec Logo: The orange color used in the Hydro-Québec logo represents the sun which gives energy and spirit, whereas the blue color stands for excellence and class.

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