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Heineken Logo Heineken Brewery or Heineken Brouwerijen is a Dutch brewing company. Established in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam, Heineken is now one of the world’s most famous beer brands. Heineken beer is manufactured by 40 breweries in more than 39 countries around the world. The company prepares and sells over 170 international, local and regional beer brands that include Cruzcampo, Tiger, Zywiec, Starobrno, Zagorka, Birra Moretti, Ochota, Murphy’s, Star and the last but not the least, Heineken.


Shape and Color of the Heineken Logo: Heineken International has two logos, namely the “Authenticity logo” and the “Star-Heineken logo”. The company’s famous slogan in the United Kingdom which remained in the force until 2005 was “Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach”. “Authenticity logo” has been particularly designed to correspond and strengthen the brand’s brewing quality, legacy and reliability. Its major creations are related to beer items only. On the other hand, “Star-Heineken logo” has been uniquely created to communicate and make prominent the modernism and originality of the brand. It is functional in areas of communication, sponsorships, merchandise and packaging. Star-Heineken on a Heineken green backdrop is favored more than a white background as it projects the features of the brand at its best. The three Es on the Heineken logo are slightly slanted backwards, giving it a smiling effect. The innovative smiling Es in the label were assumed to be too formal for the brand. The racetrack labeled green bottle is the source of the brand’s visual recognition.

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