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Guess Logo GUESS is a world-renowned American clothing company known for its high-quality clothes and fashion accessories such as perfumes, watches and jewelry. Founded and headquartered in Los Angeles, California in 1981, the company employs more than 8,800 people worldwide with net income of $123.2 million as of 2006.


Shape of the GUESS Logo: The GUESS logo is one of the most instantly recognizable logos in the fashion industry. It consists of an inverted triangle which contains a question mark and the company’s name. The dot under the question mark is transformed to make another triangle which renders the Guess? “1201 1203” Vest. Color of the GUESS Logo: The red color in the GUESS logo represents love and passion, whereas the black color stands for elegance and refinement of the brand. The white color, on the other hand, stands for purity, integrity and reliability of Guess?, Inc. Font of the GUESS Logo: The GUESS logo features the Times New Roman typeface.

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