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Google Logo Google, the most popular search engine on the internet, was a result of a research carried out by Stanford University students Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The current Google logo is actually a typographic logo which uses the Catull, an old-style serif typeface created by Gustav Jaeger for the Berthold foundry in 1982.


Evolution of the Google Logo and Facts: Google was initially known as BackRub. The current Google logo is obtained after a few modifications to the original logo. The word Google came from the word googol, which means the digit 1, followed by 100 zeroes. The logo itself depicts the main purpose of Google’s birth, that is, to provide infinite number of information on any desired subject. Google is not only a search engine but it constantly works on improvising and adding new innovative functions. The updates and modifications created are known as Google Doodles. This idea was implemented from the year 1999. Dennis Hwang is responsible for all the Google Doodles; he has made over 150 “doodles” since its implementation.

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