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Girl Scout Logo The Girl Scout (Girl Scouts of the USA) is one of the most famous welfare associations for the female population living in the U.S. or overseas. There are millions of girls and adults who are the member of Girl Scouts. The purpose behind its creation is the provision of safe and protected environment to the girls and women living in secluded areas, and to engage them in social activities for the welfare of the society. The organization aims to create unity, trust and confidence among young girls. The Girl Scouts is affiliated with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). It accepts girls from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. The association was started by Juliette Gordon in March 1912. She gathered young girls and prepared them to act as qualified women in the field of arts, science and business. Her efforts did not go in vain. Today, The Girl Scouts is a vital part of the society and mostly comprises of women representatives.


The Girl Scout logo was created by Saul Bass, the legendary graphic designer, in 1978. The logo is powerful, innovative and self-explanatory, as it signifies the purpose of its creation very beautifully. Shape of the Girl Scout Logo: The logo consists of three faces of women, diagonal to one another. The logo gives a message of strength and self-confidence to the repressed women of the society and encourages them to take part in community service. Color of the Girl Scout Logo: The colors in the Girl Scout Logo are green and white. The colors combined together give a vibe of simplicity, support and purity. Font of the Girl Scout Logo: The font of the Girl Scout logo is simple and clear.

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