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FIFA World Cup Logos: 1930 – 2014

FIFA World Cup Football (commonly known as Soccer in the US) is the one of most revered and enthusiastically watched sports all over the world. The FIFA World Cup was inaugurated in 1930 and reoccurs after every four years, with the exclusion of 1942 and 1946, and that too because of World Wars. On every World Cup event a new and fresh logo is created which becomes an official emblem, so all FIFA World Cup logos are unique and distinctive. The 19th FIFA World Cup took place in South Africa. The FIFA 2014 will be hosted by Brazil. The official logo for the event, frequently termed as “Inspiration”, was designed by Brazilian agency Africa. It was unveiled in Johannesburg on 8 July 2010. Let us now take a look at all of the FIFA World Cup logos created since 1930:


1930 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1930 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Uruguay Winner: Uruguay Runner-up: Argentina Golden Shoe: Guillermo Stábile (Argentina)

1934 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1934 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Italy Winner: Italy Runner-up: Czechoslovakia Golden Shoe: Oldrich Nejedly (Czechoslovakia)

1938 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1938 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: France Winner: Italy Runner-up: Hungary Golden Shoe: Leônidas da Silva (Brazil)

1950 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1950 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Brazil Winner: Uruguay Runner-up: Brazil Golden Shoe: Ademir Marques de Menezes (Brazil)

1954 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1954 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Switzerland Winner: West Germany Runner-up: Hungary Golden Shoe: Sándor Kocsis (Hungary)

1958 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1958 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Sweden Winner: Brazil Runner-up: Sweden Golden Shoe: Just Fontaine (France)

1962 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1962 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Chile Winner: Brazil Runner-up: Czechoslovakia Golden Shoe: Multiple

1966 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1966 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: England Winner: England Runner-up: West Germany Golden Shoe: Eusébio (Portugal)

1970 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1970 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Mexico Winner: Brazil Runner-up: Italy Golden Shoe: Gerd Müller (West Germany)

1974 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1974 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: West Germany Winner: West Germany Runner-up: Netherlands Golden Shoe: Johan Cruyff (Netherlands)

1978 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1978 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Argentina Winner: Argentina Runner-up: Netherlands Golden Shoe: Mario Kempes (Argentina)

1982 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1982 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Spain Winner: Italy Runner-up: West Germany Golden Shoe: Paolo Rossi (Italy)

1986 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1986 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Mexico Winner: Argentina Runner-up: West Germany Golden Shoe: Diego Maradona (Argentina)

1990 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1990 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Italy Winner: West Germany Runner-up: Argentina Golden Shoe: Salvatore Schillaci (Italy)

1994 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1994 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: United States Winner: Brazil Runner-up: Italy Golden Shoe: Romário (Brazil)

1998 FIFA World Cup Logo:

1998 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: France Winner: France Runner-up: Brazil Golden Shoe: Ronaldo (Brazil)

2002 FIFA World Cup Logo:

2002 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Korea Republic, Japan Winner: Brazil Runner-up: Germany Golden Shoe: Ronaldo (Brazil)

2006 FIFA World Cup Logo:

2006 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Germany Winner: Italy Runner-up: France Golden Shoe: Zinedine Zidane (France)

2010 FIFA World Cup Logo:

2010 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: South Africa Winner: Spain Runner-up: Netherlands Golden Shoe: Diego Forlán (Uruguay)

2014 FIFA World Cup Logo:

2014 FIFA World Cup Logo Host Country: Brazil

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