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Fallen Logo Fallen Footwear is one of the most renowned skateboarding footwear brand. The company was launched by the famous skateboarder Jamie Thomas in 2003. Fallen provides its customers with a wide range of designs at reasonable prices. Fallen Footwear manufactures the most exclusive, colorful and stylish shoes. The company does not only produce quality footwear for professionals, but it also provides a great variety of shoes for common people, who want to own high-quality skate shoes. Fallen Footwear was initially planned to be manufactured and supplied by DC Shoes, but this planned failed when Quicksilver attained possession of DC. Thomas then moved his production to his own company, known as the Black Box Distribution. Some of its famous footwears include “Fallen Ripper Men’s Skate Shoes”, “Fallen Chief Mid”, “Fallen Forte Men’s Skate Shoes” and “Metal Mulisha Fallen Sandal Black Women”. Fallen provides a large number of variety to its customers. Fallen shoes are unique and outstanding. They provide maximum satisfaction to their owners.


The Fallen logo is unique and innovative; it represents goodwill and success of the brand. The logo gives the company recognition and individuality. Shape of the Fallen Logo: The Fallen logo is square-shaped with the company’s name featured on it. The logo consists of two opposite facing attached ‘Fs’. This symbol is often observed on the shoes manufactured by the respective brand. Color of the Fallen Logo: The Fallen logo uses black and white colors. Both the colors are a motif of sophistication and youth. Font of the Fallen Logo: The font of Fallen logo is clear and bold. It successfully holds the attention of the viewers.

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