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Dow Logo The Dow Chemical Company is one of the largest chemical manufactures in the world, headquartered in Michigan, United States. The company provides plastics, chemicals and agricultural products to over 175 countries, while employing 46,000 people around the world.


The Dow logo (also known as Dow diamond) was designed in 1898 by an internal designer named M.B. Johnson when the chemical company started its operations. The logo was adopted in 1918 and was registered in 1921. The Dow Chemical Company faced many challenges during the Vietnam War. Despite all the bad times, the Dow logo continues to be very famous, enduring and visible, even though it appears to be used in a very small size in applications where the product brand is dominant, for instance Saran Wrap. Shape of the Dow Logo: Luckily due to the three-letter name, the letters in the Dow logo fit very well into the horizontally elongated diamond. Color of the Dow Logo: The red color used in the Dow logo represents business responsibility and vitality.

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