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Deutsche Bank Logo Deutsche Bank AG, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, is one of the leading banks in the world, with total assets of about €1.501 trillion as of 2009. Founded in 1870 by Ludwig Bamberger and Adelbert Delbruck, the bank now employs more than 80,000 people in about 72 countries around the world.


The Deutsche Bank logo was designed in 1973 by Anton Stankowski – the highly acclaimed and widely respected German graphic designer. Shape of the Deutsche Bank Logo: The Deutsche Bank logo, with its bold linear box, symbolizes a great deal of protection for the inner element. The angled line within the box inclines boldly forward, rendering an intense feel of positive momentum. The clever combination of these two elements signifies security combined with growth and development, therefore effectively and powerfully appealing to the universal wish of the investor. Color of the Deutsche Bank Logo: The use of blue color in the Deutsche Bank logo depicts excellence, class and prosperity. Font of the Deutsche Bank Logo: The Deutsche Bank logo uses the classic font Helvetica®, which was designed by the famous Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger.

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