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Dallas Cowboys Logo

Dallas Cowboys Logo The Dallas Cowboys are an American football team that plays in the Easter Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team was previously known as Dallas Steers and the Dallas Rangers. The Dallas Cowboys have achieved great success in professional football in just over forty five years. The Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960 as an expansion team. It is the second most respected sports teams of North America and has projected over 1.1 billion dollars, making it one of the most prosperous teams in NFL. The Cowboys, although based in Dallas, also play their home games at Texas stadium in Irving, Texas. Greater part of the team’s victory comprises of twenty-seven winning seasons and the team record of twenty repeated winning seasons; a record that none can challenge. The Dallas Cowboys’ home jersey is white with royal blue, with figures and letters printed on it. The jersey also has two black stripes on the sleeves. The pants, however, are a regular metallic silver-blue color that makes their uniform distinct.


The Dallas Cowboys logo has been connected with the team since 1964 and it has successfully endured. The logo has been extended to not only the Dallas Cowboys, but also the owner Jerry Jones’ AFL team. Shape of the Dallas Cowboys Logo: The Dallas Cowboys’ blue star logo represents Texas as “The Lone Star State”. It is one of the most widely known team logos in professional sports. The shape of the logo is a motif of peace and serenity. Color of the Dallas Cowboys Logo: The blue star of Dallas Cowboys logo was originally a solid shape until a white line and blue border was introduced in 1964. The blue color once again represents the calm and composed approach of the team.

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