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Corporate Express Logo Corporate Express N.V. (formerly Buhrmann N.V; now Staples Advantage) is a Dutch corporation that supplies office products to business organizations and institutions worldwide. Founded by Jirka Rysavy in 1986 in Boulder, Colorado, the company now employs more than 18,000 people around the world.


The Corporate Express logo was created in 1974 by Pieter van den Busken and underwent a revision in 1998 by DG Design. Shape of the Corporate Express Logo: The tailor-made Möbius-like symbol adds an uncanny attribute of momentum in the shape appearing in the negative space. This nonfigurative emblem equivocally symbolizes the Amsterdam-based office supply products giant. Color of the Corporate Express Logo: The red color in the Corporate Express logo represents business responsibility, while the blue color stands for excellence and class.

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