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Coca-Cola Logo

Coca-Cola Logo Coca-Cola is a global leader in the beverage industry. Frank Mason Robinson created the Coca-Cola logo in 1885. Coca-Cola was originally “patent medicine” when it was invented in 19th century, by John S. Pemburton, who was also the creator of the cursive script of the Coca-Cola logo. The Coca-Cola bottle remains unique in its design. It was created in 1915, by Earl R. Dean; the Coca-Cola bottle was first introduced as a ‘contour bottle’ or ‘hobble-skirt’ bottle, wide from the centre and slender from below. The bottle’s design bears a resemblance to the two elements, coca leaf and cola nut. With sequential expansion in technology, the Coca-Cola Company introduced aluminum cans. In 2007, the Coca-Cola logo was slightly modified and remained a white and red swirl. Furthermore, in 2008, Coca-Cola introduced plastic bottles; the old shape of the bottle was maintained, with a plastic screw cap.


The Coca-Cola logo is recognized internationally. The white swirl of the logo stimulates passion and zeal of the youth today. Shape of the Coca-Cola Logo: The Coca-Cola logo is rectangular in shape with the hobble-skirt bottle on top. The rectangular design is simple, with a unique font and elegant swirls. Color of the Coca-Cola Logo: The colors used in the Coca-Cola logo are red and white, both are pulsating and simple in design, which makes the logo appealing in the eyes of youngsters. The font of the logo is printed in white, with a vibrant red background. Font of the Coca-Cola Logo: The font of the Coca-Cola logo is fancy and cursive in style. The C’s are distinct to each other. The white swirl of the fonts gives the logo an elegant and simple appearance.

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